Collections Care: Balinese Painting Mounts overview image

Collections Care: Balinese Painting Mounts

  • Post Date12/18/2016
  • AuthorJohn Holton
  • Reading Time1 minute read

We’re always looking for simple ways to ensure long-term access and use of our collections. As one example, Assistant Collections Manager John Holton unmounted 3 Balinese paintings (1901.10.0001-0003) that had previously been tacked to plywood backboards. The backboards were problematic because plywood contains formaldehyde and acids, both of which could have damaged the paintings over time. Using a paint spatula and a pair of pliers, John removed a total of 119 tacks. The paintings can now be safely stored for future display. These painting are part of the Ewing Collection, Krannert Art Museum.

  • before removal, with two nails
  • removing the nail
  • successfully removed the nail
  • painting on a plywood backing
  • painting remove from plywood backing
  • John Holton working on plywood backing removal