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How to Match a Drag Queen

  • Post Date: 8/15/2019
  • Author: Beth Watkins
  • Reading Time: 2 minute read

One of the exhibit team members rarely seen during installation and public events is the graphic designer who creates all the printed signs, labels, and marketing materials. Spurlock is so lucky to have worked with graphic design majors from the School of Art + Design (external link) for the last decade. These students have created a majority of the printed materials in our temporary exhibits, ranging from large wall panels of text and images to brochures and marketing postcards.

Choosing the colors used in an exhibit is a team effort: when we pick colors for paint, fabric, text, and printing, Education and Collections staff (including the design students) balance questions such as the cultural meanings of colors and the dominant palettes of the artifacts. Here, current graphic design assistant Jane Chun decides on colors to use in wall labels by comparing swatches from the Pantone system with objects on loan from local drag queen Veronica Bleaus. Jane also designed the exhibit wordmark and will be creating labels, flyers, and digital materials.

  • In Her Closet How to Make a Drag Queen logo with styled gold and black crown
  • mannequin feet with black sparkly stockings and purple shoes
  • woman standing in front of three outfitted mannequins choosing colors

You’re invited to the opening of In Her Closet—How to Make a Drag Queen on Sunday, September 15. Save the date!