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It's Flag Day!

  • Post Date: 6/14/2018
  • Author: Jessica Followell
  • Reading Time: 1 minute read

It's Flag Day! This 46-Star American Flag (1900.26.0120) was the official flag from 1908—1912. This flag marked the addition of Oklahoma as a state and was used during the presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft. A gold fringe flag like this was often reserved for ceremonial usage in parades or on indoor posts.

There are thousands of flags representing nations, states, and cities across the globe. The Spurlock Museum Collection also contains a Union Jack British flag (1900.26.0027), a French flag from WWI (1920.05.0002), and over 30 Asafo flags from Ghana.

  • red, white, and blue union jack flag with a cross and x superimposed on each other
  • weathered french flag with three vertical columns of color: dark blue, white, and red
  • flag with a black and white checkered pattern, a red person and dog, and a small flag of ghana
  • yellow-green colored flag with a dog, chicken, and winged mammal with small version of the UK flag
  • A 46-star American flag with gold fringe