Plaster cast busts are prepared for loan overview image

Plaster cast busts are prepared for loan

  • Post Date5/23/2016
  • AuthorJessica Followell
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Registration and Collections have been working together to document 3 busts in the Museum’s artifact collection. Registration student Chelsea Gerber photographed the Portrait Bust of Antoninus Pius. This plaster cast bust is much larger than the more life-size busts on display in our Ancient Mediterranean exhibit, standing over 3.5 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Two Collections staff members were needed to safely lift and position it on to the table for photography.

  • Registration student photographs a bust.
    Chelsea photographing the busts.
  • Two staff members paint a plaster cast of a woman
    Collections staff infill and inpaint the bust of Clytie/Antonia.
  • Registration student photographs a bust of a man.

All 3 busts are being loaned to the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago to be featured in their 2017 exhibition Classicisms.

  • plaster cast of a woman
    The identity of the figure depicted in this bust from the mid 1st c. is unknown. It has long been labeled as the nymph Clytie, but some 20th century scholars suggest it is of Antonia the Younger, a daughter of Mark Antony and later the mother of Emperor Claudius.
  • plaster cast of a young man
    Faustina the Younger, ca. late 2nd c.
  • plaster cast of an old man
    Antoninus Pius, 2nd c.