Retired Director Wayne Pitard honored by Museum Board overview image

Retired Director Wayne Pitard honored by Museum Board

  • Post Date11/16/2016
  • AuthorJohn Holton
  • Reading Time1 minute read

The Museum Board recently honored retired Museum Director Wayne Pitard for his service and dedication to the Spurlock over his 9-year reign. In addition to becoming an honorary board member, Wayne was also excited to receive a set of Blu-ray Discs featuring one of his favorite film characters—James Bond.

Congrats Wayne—enjoy retirement!

  • 2 Board members present Wayne with a plaque
  • Wayne receives James Bond blu-ray discs from a presenter

A slideshow of some memorable Wayne moments was shown at the recognition event. Here are a few of those images—along with a few others thrown in for fun:

  • Wayne and Christa looking at a microscope
  • Wayne, dressed as a King, faces a student dressed up as a knight
  • Wayne pops his head out of the tipi in the exhibit gallery
  • Wayne dressed as a king at a staff party
  • Wayne and the rest of the staff pose with thumbs up
  • Wayne holds a camera flash in the air at tablet on the floor
  • Wayne holds a small cuneiform tablet in front of an exhibit case
  • Wayne makes a crazy pose with laughing award winner Kim Sheahan
  • Wayne wearing a hair net on his face, makes a crazy pose with his hands