Saturday Safari:

Saturday Safari: "The Chicken That Wasn't"

  • Post Date: 11/19/2000
  • Reading Time: 1 minute read

In this Saturday Safari, 2nd and 3rd grade children participated in an in depth study of chickens. This class took chickens out of the barnyard, and introduced students to the evolution of the chicken from its earliest days, the wide variety of chicken species that are alive today and the culture influences chickens have throughout the world.

  • We've got a match!
    We've got a match!
  • Having chicken fights
    Having chicken fights

The class started with learning about the life cycle of chickens with help of the Museum of Natural History's exhibits. The program's games included a pecking order game with South American origins and a memory game matching the pictures of different chicken species. Participants as made a traditional Polish paper cutting of a rooster.

  • children running like chickens
    Running like chickens