#Illinois International Week Spotlight: Alkire Collection overview image

#Illinois International Week Spotlight: Alkire Collection

  • Post Date4/6/2016
  • AuthorAmy Heggemeyer
  • Reading Time1 minute read

#illinois International Week: The origin of some museum collections can be traced back directly to student research. One such collection was made by William H. Alkire (PHD '65, LAS). Dr. Alkire conducted fieldwork on Lamotrek Atoll in the Caroline Islands of the Federated States of Micronesia from 1962-1963. At the request of Professor Joseph B. Casagrande, then Head of the Department of Anthropology, Dr. Alkire developed a research collection that became part of the Laboratory of Anthropology. Hand tools, clothing and adornment, a backstrap loom, and fishing equipment are only a few of the daily life items collected on Lamotrek. In 2000, the Lab of Anthropology collections were transferred to the Spurlock Museum.

  • pointed spear
  • textile with tan and purple striped pattern and fringed ends
  • multicolored grass skirt
  • wooden loom with partially completed purple and tan textile
  • carved and painted wooden man's torso with simplified features
  • brown-speckled cream-colored sea shell
  • conical seashell with seven banded sections