Children Handling loanable artifacts

Borrow Objects
Educational Resource Center

The Educational Resource Center has artifacts and related resources available for loan to central Illinois educational organizations. Artifacts may be borrowed individually, in geographic- or theme-related groupings chosen by the educator, or in prepared learning modules. Resources are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All artifact reservations must be made a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

Contact Kim Sheahan for more information or to borrow materials.

Prepared Building Blocks

Building Blocks are theme-based loan kits that contain lesson plans and artifact information sheets in addition to loanable objects. Some also include extras, like games and crafts.

An Artifact Speaks Kits

Through a University of Illinois Extension and Outreach Initiative Grant, the Museum has created a set of 6 loan kits with artifacts, activities, and videos based on the ancient civilizations studied in the 6th grade social studies curriculum, but usable by instructors in many grades and disciplines. Activities give the students hands-on experience in ancient life and emphasize the development of observation skills and the ability to see similarities among material cultures. There is no fee for the loan of these materials.

More information about this program, including videos and lesson plans, is available at the University of Illinois Extension's An Artifact Speaks website.

Individual Objects

Teaching Collection objects may be borrowed in groupings put together by the instructor. Let Kim Sheahan know what you are looking for, and a suggested list of artifacts can be prepared.

Example Groupings

Download Hats around the World (PDF) Download African Adornment (PDF) Download Animals in Stories and Artifacts (PDF)
  • metal rattle with carved black cat handle
    Sistrum (Rattle) Ancient Egypt
  • stoneware mammal shaped mortar with pestle
    Metate and mano Mexico
  • wooden mask with ferocious face and skulls on head
    Dharmapala mask Bhutan
  • paper currency, front
    Ten Kuran Banknote Czechoslovakia