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Grave Goods

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There is evidence that the Egyptians began believing in a life after death early in their prehistory. The deceased was buried with everyday objects for use in the afterlife. Grave goods included pots (the majority of the items), combs, stone vessels, and slate palettes on which malachite, the green eye cosmetic, was ground. Sometimes there were figurines and objects of copper, beads, and amulets.

An important factor in the development of the Egyptian tomb was the necessity to provide storage space for the items of funerary equipment. Following unification there was a great increase in wealth in part of the population. Thus much larger tombs were built with special store-chambers.

"You display yourself from morning till evening... your rays are in men's faces, and fine gold does not know them, pigment does not report then when you illuminate the lands of the gods, and it has not been in writing." Spell 15 - The Book of the Dead

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