illustrated landscape including a building, sphinx, and pyramids

Mummified Animals

pharaoh pictograph

Animals were mummified too. Though a rare few were family pets, most were animals that were sacred to the Egyptian gods and shared their attributes. The best known mummified animals were of sacred bulls. Other sacred animals were the crocodile, sacred to Sobek; the ram, sacred to Khnum; the cat, sacred to Bastet; and the baboon and ibis sacred to Thoth.

"Open for me the gates of sky, earth, and the Netherworld, for I am the soul of Osiris, and I am at peace thereby. I pass by their courts, and they give praise when they see me; I have gone in favored and I have come out beloved; I have journeyed and no fault of any kind has been found in me." Spell 127 - The Book of the Dead