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  • Post Date2/28/2013
  • Reading Time1 minute read

It's cold. It's dreary. It's okay…come to the Museum and play artifact BINGO! Members of our Education staff have had a wonderful time creating BINGO games on a wide variety of subjects that lead visitors to special artifacts in the Museum.

Here are just a few:

  • Faces BINGO gives you the opportunity to look into the eyes of the Roman Empress Fausta or smile at the serene appearance of Buddha.
  • Shoe BINGO sheets point you toward the long-toed shoes of a medieval European jouster and the sandals of a Buddhist monk.
  • Our music BINGO sends you on a hunt to find musical instruments, representations of dancers, and a statue of a god of music.
  • We even have Fish BINGO! Obviously, fish and fishing are popular all over the world.

In addition to BINGO sheets that focus on specific topics from all over the world, there are sheets that cover specific galleries. Most interested in Asia? There’s a sheet for that! BINGO sheets, clipboards, and pencils can be found next to our information desk. Once you have found five artifacts in a row (or more!) and crossed them out on your sheet, return to the information desk for your very own sticker…and a chance to try other family-focused gallery activities. See you soon!