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Student artists visit the Museum

  • Post Date: 10/21/2004
  • Reading Time: 2 minute read

On October 6, the Spurlock Museum welcomed University student artists as they walked through the Museum's galleries searching for sculptures to inspire their artwork. As part of an assignment, students taking a Life Drawing class were asked to sketch human sculptures to study art forms, lighting, and shadows.

Julia Franiak, a second year art student here on campus, chose to sketch the Venus De Milo sculpture. The previous day, she had surveyed the Krannert Art Museum (external link) and the Spurlock Museum as potential sites for her work. Julia conversationally related that while some artists choose to sketch outside, the changing lighting makes it difficult to keep track of shadows.

I studied Greek & Roman art history last year…I chose [the Museum] because the constant lighting makes it easier to draw.Julia Franiak, student sketcher

On her visit yesterday, Julia was captivated by the information desk staff, Helen Burch, whom she enjoyed talking with, “she’s really nice… reminds me of my grandmother.” Julia also told us that she likes the quiet atmosphere at the Museum.

Becky Nasadowski joined Julia in the Ancient Mediterranean gallery. She chose to sketch Hermes and Infant Dionysus because the sculpture provides shadows and a diversity of artistic elements with which to work with. Other students brought digital cameras to take pictures of their sculpture to sketch at home.

Julia and Becky are like many visitors who have found something unique and special here at the Spurlock Museum. Julia later told us, “I should come here more often.”