We have tangled tassels to talk about! overview image

We have tangled tassels to talk about!

  • Post Date: 5/15/2018
  • Author: John Holton
  • Reading Time: 1 minute read

Tassels are often added to garments for decoration and movement.

In the case of this 19th Century Silk Chinese Actor’s Theater Costume (1957.02.0004) its tassels were in a bit of a tangle. Spurlock Collections Manager Christa Deacy-Quinn took the time to teach Collections staff members about the importance and special handling procedures of some of our more troublesome tangly tasseled textiles!

  • A traditional Chinese garment with colorful tassels attached on the bottom.
  • colorful silk tassels-closeup
    The colorful silk tassels attached to this textile require extra care to ensure they don’t become entangled.
  • collections manager showing how to disentangle the silk strands on a tassel to a student
    Christa shows Collections student Sarah Shelton the best way to delicately disentangle the silk strands.