Human Connections

Drawing on the cultural concepts of the Central Core, the Human Connections tour sets participants on a mission. Moving from gallery to gallery, they record information and create descriptions of artifacts relating to one of the Museum’s cultural concepts (e.g., clothing, art, conflict). Through small-group discussion at the end of the program, participants realize that the artifacts they have chosen also fit perfectly with other concepts, demonstrating how integral they are to the cultures of the people who created and used them.

Theme: Around the World

By nature, human beings are alike. By practice, they become different. Confucius

What is a world cultures museum? From statues to armor, mummies to masks, we exhibit artifacts that illustrate the shared challenges of humanity and celebrate the diverse ways cultures respond to them. Many of our tours address the factors that influence the needs of body, mind, and spirit and, in turn, the ways in which human beings live differently.