Museum Tours


The Spurlock Museum welcomes visitors of all ages. Our tour offerings include options that are appropriate for K–12 students, college/university groups and their instructors, adults, and homeschool groups. For faculty and students of the University of Illinois or other regional higher education institutions, we would also be happy to work with you to to enable a remote course-related artifact review experience and for other customization options you may be interested in.

Our collections, including our research opportunities, are also available to enhance your area of study.

Covid-19 Update: For the safety of our guests and staff, we are currently not offering guided programs or tours, but we are offering some new digital experiences as well as in-person self-guided tours when circumstances allow us to be open to the public.

You must book your visit if you wish to take part in an in-person self-guided visit with 10 or more people or in any Zoom program or Google Classroom activity (for more customization and guidance, gallery activities are available for self-guided visits).

Before making a trip to the Museum, be sure to check our Covid-19 information and to please be mindful of our visitor guidelines.

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Contact us at if you have any questions about our tour offerings.