The Spurlock Museum


There are many ways to experience the Spurlock Museum. Explore our permanent galleries, temporary exhibits spaces, and cultural gardens. Enjoy a performance or talk in the Knight Auditorium. Make a craft in the Zahn Learning Center. Borrow artifacts for educational use.

Floor Plan (PDF)
auditorium overview photo with seating, stage, podium, and spotlights

Knight Auditorium

The Knight Auditorium is the venue for a wide variety of culture-based performances, lectures, and presentations. The Auditorium, as well as other public Museum spaces, can be rented by outside organizations.

an empty room with evenly long-spaced tables

Collaboration and Community Gallery

The Community and Collaboration Gallery (CCG) is a multipurpose educational space designed to support hands-on learning labs and community gatherings.

wall of closed cabinets and shelves containing educational materials

Educational Resource Center

The Educational Resource Center has artifacts and related resources available
 for loan to central Illinois educational organizations.

Borrow Objects
children and educators busily engaged in craft projects

Zahn Learning Center

The Zahn Learning Center is a multipurpose educational space designed to support independent learning as well as engaging group activities.

Family Visits
central core gallery with americas gallery in the background

Exhibit Galleries

Five feature galleries and the Central Core gallery cover the Americas, the Ancient Mediterranean, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Ancient Mesopotamia, and Ancient Egypt.

Permanent Exhibits
Campbell Gallery example photo (showing the Collecting and Connecting previous exhibit)

Campbell Gallery

The Dr. Allan C. and Marlene S. Campbell Gallery holds changing exhibits that enable the Museum to display collections normally in storage or traveling exhibits that complement the themes and cultures presented in the other galleries.

Current & Upcoming Exhibits
wall of closed cabinets and shelves containing educational materials

Artifact Preservation Center

The Artifact Preservation Center houses nearly 40,000 artifacts being cared for by museum staff. Artifacts are available for research/study by university students and professors, visiting scholars, and community members.

flowers in garden in front of spurlock building

Heiligenstein and Spurlock Museum Guild Gardens

Cultural exploration extends to our landscape. The Museum’s outdoor spaces include 4 gardens representing cultures from 3 continents: a French geometric garden, an American Indian medicinal garden, a Prairie Terrace, and a Japanese rock and sand garden.