Pow-wow exhibit overview photo

Welcome to the Pow-wow: An Intertribal Pow-wow Experience

  • Duration:Permanent
  • Location:Laubin Gallery of American Indian Cultures

Pow-wows are celebrations of life, community, and culture. These celebrations include song, dance, music, food and art, and are held year-round by Tribal Nations and First Nations throughout North America. The Welcome to the Pow-wow exhibition was developed in collaboration with the Bizhiki Culture and Dance Company with the goal of providing information about the different elements of pow-wows including drumming, dancing, regalia, and vendors. See the ornate, intricate regalia. Listen to songs and drumming. Touch the furs, beads, and other materials that are used to create the regalia and drums.

While pow-wows are competitive, they are also cooperative and community-building. They demonstrate the strength and vitality of our modern Native Nations. We hope this exhibit inspires you to seek out and attend these celebrations with your friends and family.

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