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North America: "People of the First Nations"

  • Duration:Permanent
  • Location:Laubin Gallery of American Indian Cultures
From the time the Indian first set foot upon this continent, he centered his life in the natural world. He is deeply invested in the earth, committed to it both in his consciousness and in his instinct. To him, the sense of place is paramount. Only in reference to the earth can he persist in his true identity. N. Scott Momaday, Kiowa, 1974.

The Spurlock Museum is in the process of changing exhibits in our North America gallery. Most of the current exhibits in our galleries have been on display since 2002, and it is time for us to highlight different works from our extensive collections. Portions of the North America gallery are currently closed in order for us to begin making these changes. The work taking place in this gallery may result in the closure of the South America and Asia galleries from time to time. We will post updates regarding the status of our galleries here on the website.

Millions of Native Americans—members of hundreds of culturally distinct indigenous groups—live in North America. Their traditions and beliefs have differed over the centuries, but they share basic values including an understanding of the sacredness of all living things, pride in family and community, and vitality of ceremonial life. Native American innovation and creativity, branching from ancestral roots, give new dimensions and strength to the voices of indigenous people. Despite centuries of mistreatment and misrepresentation, Indians continue to celebrate traditions and demand cultural recognition and respect.

Notable Objects